The International Association for Adolescent Health
11th World Congress on Adolescent Health

Investing in Adolescent Health – the Future is Now

27-29 October, 2017 | New Delhi, India

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Parallel Symposia Proposals

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Call for Parallel Symposia Proposals
Submission Guidelines

Thank you very much for your interest in organizing a parallel symposium during the 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health to be held 27-29 October, 2017 in New Delhi, India.

The duration of the symposium will be 90 minutes (1.5 hrs) and will be scheduled during the regular Congress hours within one of the four sessions allocated to parallel symposia. The content of the symposium must be approved by the Congress Scientific Committee. All speakers and chairs must be registered for the Congress and must have submitted an abstract (http://iaah2017congress.org/abstract-submission.html) through the normal channels before the closing date of 12 April, 2017.

The organisers will not be able to support travel or accommodation expenses, though a limited number of scholarships for the Congress are available for eligible young people. Parallel symposium proposals should include a brief description of the proposed symposium on the “Parallel Symposium Proposal” form (attached below).

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact Dr. Monika Arora at monika.arora@phfi.org. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health.


International Scientific Committee (ISC), Executive Subcommittee

Dr. Monika Arora Dr. Sunil Mehra
Dr. Susan Sawyer Dr. David Ross
Prof. Pierre-André Michaud  

Submission and Informational Deadlines
Parallel Symposium Proposal submission deadline 22, March 2017
Deadline for informing successful proposals 29, March 2017
Abstract submission deadline 12, April 2017

Parallel Symposium Proposal

Proposer (Name, affiliation and e-mail address)  
Symposium Title (30 words maximum)  
Objectives (120 words maximum)  
Format/Structure (120 words maximum)  
Chair(s) (Name(s), affiliation and e-mail address) Up to two  

Proposed Speakers (maximum of four speakers, can include the chair/s)

Speaker 1: (Title of talk, name, affiliation and email address)

Speaker 2: (Title of talk, name, affiliation and email address)

Speaker 3: (Title of talk, name, affiliation and -mail address)

Speaker 4: (Title of talk, name, affiliation and email address)


Please send the completed form to: monika.arora@phfi.org